If your dog nips during play, try the following:


1.  First, nipping is usually associated with excitement. If your dog starts to get overly excited during play, stop playing and calmly ask for a sit or down. Keep it fun and reward him when he follow throughs. Goal is to take his excitement level down a few notches before we start playing again.

2.  there may be times your dog is too excited for hands on play. In those situations, try playing fetch or some other hands off game. He still needs to sit before you throw the toy and drop it on return, but use the game to help him calm down and stay out of trouble.

3.   if there is nipping during play/petting then GAME OVER. RIGHT NOW. The moment teeth touch human skin you can yelp in pain or say 'Too Bad' then immediately disengage, walk away if you have to. The sooner he learns that nipping ends the fun the better.. 

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