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Why I love training dogs and their people.

My name is Sharon Woodrum.  I have been training dogs for over 20 years - the last 17 professionally.

I started my training journey the way a lot of people do.  I got my first dog, in 1996.  I didn't understand the importance of socialization so when he was about 8 months old he became a real menace to society.  Barking and lunging at other dogs and people.  I quickly contacted a local dog trainer to see what we could do.

While going through the training process I discovered a lot of things.  Most important, I was amazed that we could communicate with a species that didn't communicate verbally.  It still amazes me.  And although I started my dog training career because I enjoyed working with dogs, I quickly realized that I love working with the people.  I have been in their place.  I understand how it feels to need a trainer.  And I love the part of the process where they finally get it.  When you see that light go on and they are like - "yea, I got this"  Yes, I love working with the people as much as I love working with the dogs.

That is why my dog training classes and private sessions are tailored around real life.  I want to help families learn to live with their dogs.

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