Need some help?  

We understand that life can get busy and training often falls by the wayside.  Let us help.  Through our Board and Train program we can introduce your dog to the basics.  

Simply board your dog at Tails r Waggin and we will work with him/her several times a day.   Also, if appropriate, we will take your dog on several public outings for distraction filled training sessions.

Keep in mind, Board and Train is only the first step n the training process.  You must continue to use the cues at home for maximum benefit.  To help with this training transition there will be a one hour training session with you and your dog at pick up.

1 week Board and Train
5 day minimum
Starts at $650 a week for new clients
$550 a week for existing customers
Can attend Beyond the Basics class free of charge

Standard ​Cue includes: Sit, Stay, Wait, Leave It, Come,
Emergency Recall, Leash Manners, Greeting w/o Jumping
At least 3 pubic outings for distraction filled training


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