The holidays are fast approaching. Are you and your dog ready??

If not, let us help.

Enroll your dog in the Day Training Bootcamp Holiday Course so we can introduce them to the holiday critical skills:

  • Leave It
  • Place
  • Wait 
  • Greeting People without jumping

How it works

  1. Just drop your dog off for a full day of daycare at The Pet Ranch on the dates listed below,
  2. Your dog will be removed from the playgroup for two 30 minute training sessions each day..
  3. When not training, your dog will be romping around in the daycare play group.
  4. At the end of the day, just pick up your dog and go home with a status report and a few homework assignments.
  5. But that is NOT all.  At the end of the Day Training Bootcamp course, one of our trainers will come to your house for a 1 hour private session.  This session is mandatory.  In order for the Day Training Bootcamp to be successful, you have to understand how to use the cues, when to use the cues and how to incorporate them into your everyday life with your dog. Yes, the final session is a training session for you - the human.

The Day Training Bootcamp Holiday Course is $250 plus daycare charges.  This includes the final course home visit.

What are you waiting for?  Day Training Bootcamp courses are limited to 5 dogs so be sure to register today to reserve you spot.

All dogs enrolled in the Day Training Bootcamp Holiday Course must attend daycare on 

Monday, December 3rd

Thursday, December 6th

Monday, December 10th

Thursday, December 13th

Monday, December 17th

Day Training Bootcamp Holiday Course 

$250 and $20 discount for existing clients
Starts Monday December 3rd

Limited to 5 Dogs

Location:The Pet Ranch, Olathe, KS  

 ​(Address Below)

Day Training Bootcamp

The Pet Ranch

12700 W 151st Street
Olathe, KS 66062