PAWmazing Race

Get off that couch and get racing! 

Have you ever seen that amazing race on TV? Where they fly contestants around the world to complete random challenges to avoid elimination?  Well, now we have the canine version.  Sort of.

We are partnering up with Dogs Life KC to bring you the 1st Annual PAWmazing Race!

We won't be flying you to Jamacia or asking you to repel down a castle wall - but we will have you and your dog traversing a 15 challenge course to see who can cross the finish line first.

And, just like that show on TV, some of the challenges will be easy and some will be, well, challenging, and there will be eliminations along the way.   But there will be plenty of fun for both you and your dog.  What a great way to spend some quality time with your 4 legged BFF.

Race starts Sunday, May 21st, 6 pm at Tails R Waggin in Overland Park, KS.

The event will be initially limited to 1 wave of 10 dog/handler pairs.  One additional wave of 10 may be added if needed.

Although we won't be sharing the challenges in advance,  your pre-race preparations should include stay, place and recalls around distractions and some consistent walking without pulling.  And having a couple of basic tricks up your sleeve - like spin or rollover - could come in handy.
Preregistraion is required


  • $25 per dog/handler team,
  • Open to dogs of all ages and training stages.
  • All dogs must be current on vaccinations.
  • For the safety of judges and participants, all dogs must be comfortable around other dogs and people.  Aggressive and reactive dogs will not be allowed to participate.  
  • Handlers will be able to use treats during the race but some challenges will require specific distances between dog and handler.
  • Dogs must be on a regular 6 foot leash.  No flexi leads.
  • Instructions during the race will be limited  Teams will be required to read and follow clue cards exactly.  Not following the clues could result in loss of time, elimination or need to repeat the challenge.

PAWmazing Race

$25 dog/handler team.  One hour event

Starts 6:00 PM,  Sunday, May 21st  (Map Below)