Since training is a journey and not a destination, once your dog has completed the Walk and Train program you are qualified for our CEU Program.  With the CEU Program the trainer will come to your house once a week to work with your dog and keep those newly learned skills sharp.  


Let us train your dog - 4 week

4 week Walk and Train allows us to train with your dog in your house,

neighborhood and on public outings - $820

Best for:

  • Busy families
  • Those that want a jump start on the training process
  • Those that don't have time for daily training sessions
  • Families with young children
  • Beneficial for those that are looking for more control not only at home but in public settings as well
  • Best for those that are having specific issues - leash reactivity, resource guarding, etc.

With our 4 week Walk and Train service, we will come to your house 3 days a week and work directly with your dog, introducing him to all the basic cues. Not only will we train in the home environment, the environment you live in, but we will also incorporate public outings to local dog friendly locations. You will receive follow up notes, including homework, at the end of each session.  Each session is about an hour long but that is NOT all.  We will meet with you and your dog on the 7th and 14th visit to transition the learned skills to you.

How does it work?  Once you register for the Walk and Train program we will contact you to schedule the in home evaluation.  We can usually accommodate the in home evaluation within 7 days.  During the In home evaluation we will finalize, together, the training plan and training schedule.  


  • In home evaluation to finalize training plan together
  • 2 week In Home training program includes 6 training sessions at your house and in your neighborhood
  • 4 week program is a combination 2 week in home training and 2 weeks of training in public locations
  • During the 4 week program your dog will be introduced to Sit, Wait, Leave It, Walk without pulling, 4 on the floor, emergency come, stay and place.
  • 1 hour long In home private session for skills hand off every 2 weeks.
  • Post training updates and recommended homework after each session
  • Half price attendance to the Puppy Adventures class for puppies under 24 weeks of age.


  • Trainer MUST have access to your dog even if you are not home.
  • You can watch the sessions but our focus will be training your dog.
  • Full program payment is due before the In Home Evaluation
  • For program success you MUST incorporate the learned skills into your everyday interactions with your dog.