Celebrity pets dog training

Dogs 6 months and older that have completed the Basic 3 class or that have good leash walking skills, a solid 2 minute sit/down stay, and that are comfortable with other people/dogs.

Starts Saturday,  January 18, 1:00 pm

Cost: $225 ($20 Discount for existing clients)

5 week program, Limited to 4 Dog/handler teams  

14026 W 135th Street, Olathe, KS, 66062
 ​(Map Below)

Have you ever seen dogs on TV or in local photo shoots and wondered if your dog could do that?  Maybe you would just like better action shots for your own social media accounts or blog posts.  Well, this is the class for you

There are certain skills that your dog should have before they walk into a photo shoot.  We will cover those during class as well as expose your dog to the sights and sounds that can be expected at a photo shoot.  

Class Curriculum - 

Week 1 - Sit/Stand/Down combos, Hit a Mark, Leash Walking

Week 2 - Cues at a distance, Stand stays, Head down

Week 3 - Combos at a distance, Walk/Sit for other people, Mark from a distance

Week 4 -  Practice, Practice, Practice

Week 5 - Put skills to the test while we make a quick video of your dog in action. 

We are unable to offer make up sessions for this class.

Please note:  Group classes can often be overwhelming to aggressive or reactive dogs.  If your dog is extremely fearful or has shown aggressive behavior around other dogs or humans, please contact us to discuss your situation before you register for class.