CGC Prep & Pet Therapy 1

Pet Therapy

Interested in Pet Therapy work but not sure where to start?  You should start here.  This class will not only help you prepare for the CGC exam, we add in the additional elements required for the Pets for Life Volunteer Evaluation,  

Therapy pets, once certified by Pets for Life, complete monthly visitations to nursing homes, hospice organizations, hospitals, and the list goes on and on.  Make no mistake about it, it takes more than training to earn your Pet Therapy certification.  Most importantly, you and your dog must enjoy interacting with all types of peoples in all types of environments.

Sound like something you and your dog would enjoy?  Let us help you get started.

During the CGC and Pet Therapy class, we will cover all items required for the AKC CGC and the Pet for Life Volunteer Team evaluation including:

Walking Wait

Exposure to wheelchairs and walkers

Loose Leash Walking with directional changes

High Value Leave Its

Extended Stay and Place with Distractions

Greeting People without jumping​​

Although the AKC CGC is not a requirement for pet therapy work, it is very similar to the pet therapy exam so it makes sense to include preparation for both exams in one class.

The CGC  and Pet Therapy class isn't all about the dog.  We will spend a lot of time explaining why the skills are important and how you can use them in everyday life and on pet therapy visits.  We also limit class size to 6 handler/teams to make sure everyone receives personal attention.

So what are you waiting for?  


CGC and Pet Therapy Pet 1

$200 for 6 week class
Starts 7:00pm Wednesday, January 30

Tails R Waggin Daycare

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