​​"I Had been looking for a training class to teach my new dog a few things......Not your normal stuff, like potty training or sit.  He had those mastered.  I needed someone to help me with his over excitement when I arrive home (even running out to mailbox!), begging at table and to wait and not dash out door.  My problem was, I had already spoiled him.  I checked out a few places and felt their "training style" was not what I was looking for.  I came across Personable Pets while searching on the internet. Exactly what I was looking for~ she listened to what I wanted to learn & teach and knew how I felt -  he was a family member :)  I absolutely loved that she could come to my home.  Louis V is a little shy and small~ so the one on one was great.  I won't go in to the things she taught us~ but I thought she was great!  I have seen a HUGE improvement.... he does not beg at the table anymore and is a lot better with his other issues.  I still need some work on practicing with him, but for the 3 sessions we had, he is doing great!  Also, she is so asonable for her training!  And goes above and beyond if you need more info.  I highly recommend her!"  Judi and Louis V - Overland Park, KS.

“Kevin  is a young terrier-something mix that has lived with us for about two years – fearful to the point of being unable to participate with our family. Kevin didn’t want to be touched, she shook all the time, she whimpered and was scared, she growled and barked at anyone new, and she spent most of her time trying to figure out how to hide from us, shrinking in her crate. When we tried to interact with her in any way, she cowered and peed.   Kevin came to live with us two years ago when our daughter graduated from college. She and her roommates found Kevin living underneath a car where she stayed for weeks, never venturing out. They finally lured her out with a piece of bacon, gave her the name Kevin Bacon, and adopted a dog that didn’t seem to want to be adopted. Kevin never made it inside their house but took up residence underneath a lawn chair. When school was over, Kevin moved from her lawn chair haven in Siloam Springs, Ark., to our home in Louisburg.  Despite doing everything we knew to do to help her interact with us, we couldn’t find the solution. Our veterinarian told us he thought Kevin had never been around humans in the first months of her life and might not have the ability to interact with us.  We made an appointment with Sharon right after we heard about Personable Pets. We didn’t hold out too much hope – not that we didn’t trust Sharon. But two years of frustration left us feeling pretty hopeless.  Sharon helped us learn to read Kevin’s cues to us and gave us ideas for working with her. We also learned when she needed breaks from us, and learned specifically that she does not want her back to be touched. A month later, Kevin is a completely different dog. She still is frightened easily but is getting braver. She physically doesn’t even look the same; now her ears perk up, her face is relaxed and her tail wags almost all the time. She wanders around the house to visit with the family but takes occasional breaks from us by hanging out in her crate for 10 or 15 minutes, then comes back to see what we’re doing. She’s starting to think about playing with some toys and shows bursts of playfulness. She’s learning simple commands like “sit” and “leave it,” and has even started to ask for treats. We had company on Saturday, and after giving our guests tips on how to interact with Kevin, she spent the evening meeting people and getting scratched under the chin. In the past, she had to stay outside when we had guests because she growled and barked the entire time. And, last but not least, we’re happy that she isn’t peeing on herself just because someone looks in her direction.  Sharon left us with more things to work on with Kevin and the confidence that what we’re doing is making a difference. We know we might need more check-ins with Sharon to keep progressing, but the dramatic change in Kevin has made us believers, and made Kevin a much happier dog!”  Scott B. and Kevin, Louisburg, KS

"Aussie  boy Zeb and I completed the awesome Basics course last week. Family and friends have complimented us on how much better-behaved he is and more of a pleasure to be around. I was surprised at Zeb's enthusiasm about learning. He looks forward to all our little sessions...and our longer sessions away from home. If you are having even minor challenges with your dog, contact Sharon and I bet she will have a solution that makes everyone happy!" Barb M and Zeb, Louisburg, KS

"We  just completed the 7 week training course. Leah did great and I'm still learning as well. I think it was more about training me than the dog!! Lol. I would definitely recommend it. We are still practicing the things we learned in class. She is so helpful with any question you might have!!"   Alisha, Overland Park, KS

 "Our dog Maddy is 5 months old.  We got her when she was 2 months old.  She is a Redbone Coon Hound that is very independent and energetic.  She is also very affectionate.  After attempting to control and direct that energy in a positive manner, we were getting frustrated.  Thus, the search began for a professional trainer.  We were fortunate to find Sharon.  We have recently completed 3 in-home sessions and have seen great improvement in Maddy.  Sharon's training is directed to the dog as well as the owners, and we are learning together.  We are now beginning "The Basics" course and look forward to those training sessions.  Sharon is very relaxed with her training approach.  Maddy senses that and feels secure with Sharon.  We highly recommend Sharon's in-home as well as group sessions." Pat and Maddy, Paola, KS

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