We never stop learning and the same holds true for your dog.  Although we hope they continue to learn behaviors that we like, the reality is, just like with us humans, it is easy for all those old bad habits to creep back in.  Our CEU program can keep that from happening while continuing to improve the skills you have taken such care to train.

With the CEU Program, one of our trainers will visit your house weekly to train directly with your dog.  These sessions are 60 to 90 minutes long and may take place in your home, neighborhood or at public locations.  This is also a great time to identify any area of concerns that you would like addressed.  The CEU Program can be purchased in 4 week Increments and your 1st week is free!

The monthly CEU subscription is $260 and includes 2 training session in your house/neighborhood and 2 training sessions at public locations.

As with all our Walk and Train options, we must have access to your dog even if you are not home.

Life can get busy and training can sometime fall by the wayside.  Let us help you keep on track. 

CEU program - Continuing Ed

Best for:

  • Families with busy and unpredictable schedules
  • Those that get too busy for occasional training sessions


  • Ongoing training sessions will help your dog generalize cues to all different situations
  • Just like any other learning - use it or lose it
  • With direct access to your dog, trainer can identify possible training or behavior issues
  • You have the luxury of asking the trainer to work on any particular issues you may be having with your dog