Thursday, November 14th, 7 pm.  60 - 90 minutes

​Preparing for the Holidays

​The holidays are right around the corner and if you have introduced a new dog to the household in the last year - things may not go as planned.  Join us as we discuss holiday prep.  Things you can start working on/planning today to help everything go a little smoother tomorrow.  And since we train for real life, there just might be some gift wrapping, cookie eating, tree decorating and table clean up just so you can practice all the needed skills.  This session is limited to 5 dog/handler pairs.

Thursday, October 24th, 7 pm.  60 - 90 minutes

​What is that dog saying?

​As you have probably heard by now, dog's communicate through body language.  Of course, this knowledge doesn't do you a lot of good if you don't understand how to interpret their body language.  Join us as we review common body language, how we should use them to stay safer around dogs and, most importantly, how we can use them to keep people safe around our own dogs.  This session is interactive and will include numerous videos for discussion and review.  

​Humans only.  Leave your canine partner at home.

Thursday, October 10th, 7 pm.  60 - 90 minutes

​Explore the world of Drafting/Carting

​Whether you are interested in a possible drafting title or have always wanted your dog to help with yard work - this session is for you.  Learn about the sport of drafting, the required equipment and training requirements.  This will be an informal review with a quick demo.  Who knows, you just might decide that drafting is just the thing you and your dog have been looking for.

Humans only.  Leave your canine partner at home.

Once you welcome a dog into your household - a whole new world opens up.  Our DOG 101 Series will help you explore that world by taking you beyond the basics of training.

The cost per session is $15 and can be applied to any future Personable Pets training service.

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