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Concierge Service


Need more than dog training?

Training and caring for your dog is a big commitment.  A time consuming commitment.  And if you have a busy life, working in quatily time for your dog can sometimes be a challenge.

That is where our Concierge service comes in.  Our Conciege service covers all things dog.  Could your dog use a little one on one training?  We can do that.  Need help getting your dog to and from daycare?  We can do that.  Maybe life has been busy and your dog could use a little extra play break.  We can do that.

With our Conciege service we will meet with your dog every weekday  - 5 days a week.  Our visit can be a training session, transport session or just an outing to a local park for a little exercise.  Sessions are usually at least 60 minutes long.


Concierge services is a monthly commitment prepaid weekly.

The cost is $300 a week.  This includes 5 weekday visits or one weekday and Saturday and Sunday visits.

Services are available between 10-6 pm although we may be able to extend these hours if needed.

Concierge services are scheduled around other training commitments so we must have access to your dog even if you are not home.

Concierge clients receive priority scheduling so there are limited spots available.

Interested?  Contact us for more info or to discuss your specific needs.




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