Ready to add a little fun into your training routine?  Go beyond sit, stay and down by adding some tricks to your training line up.

In this 4 week class we will introduce you and your dog to 6 different tricks.

Sit Pretty
Push a Ball
High Five
Read (sort of)

We will also introduce you and your dog to clicker training and you will leave the class with a clicker and trick training handouts.

​This class is open to dogs of all training levels.  So, get off that couch and come have some fun with your 4 legged friend.


  • Class is limited to 4 dog/handler pairs
  • Bring treats and have your dog on a regular leash (no flexi leads)
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes since this will be an active class. 
  • ​Class is 45 minutes long with an additional 15 minutes of practice time after class ends.



​​$100 and $20 discount on any future class
Limited to 4 Dog/handler teams 

Starts Sunday, May 5th, 1 - 2 pm

Location: Three Dog Bakery in Leawood

 (Address Below)​​