​​Are you self distancing or quarantined?  Don't let the training stop.

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$100 for 6 sessions

$150 for 6 sessions and three weekly one on one Skype/Facebook video chats with a trainer.

Next class start Sunday April 4th, 12 pm and meets every Sunday/Wednesday at 12 pm for 6 sessions

keep the training going


 - Each session will be 30-45 minutes long.

 - Twice weekly trainer lead Facebook live discussions. We will also demonstrate all the skills / challenges that we are reviewing

 - Facebook live is a one-way video, we will not be able to see the interaction between you and your puppy but we will address concerns or issues you may be having in the comments section.

 - All Facebook live sessions will be recorded and made available for the next six months. So even if you decide to sleep in on some weekend, you can still catch up after the fact.

Early socialization is critical for the development of young puppies. Most brain development takes place before they are 16 weeks of age so the more you can expose your puppy to, the less likely they will be fearful adults. 

So what are you supposed to do if you're stuck at home with your new puppy? We can help! Socialization is more than meeting other people or other dogs. Let us give you tips and ideas to continue the socialization at home.

We will also discuss common puppy problems such as house-training, biting and chewing. And we haven't forgotten about training. Training is a great way to interact with your puppy and help them use up some of that energy. We will also introduce you and your puppy to sit, wait, leave it and other very handy training cues.

Remember, Stay At Home doesn't have to mean boring. Join us to get your training Journey started today.

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