Are you struggling with housetraining?

I am not talking about new puppy housetraining or the occasional slip up from your adult dog.  I am talking about consistent  housetraining issues that have been going on for months, even years.

​If your housetraining issues have been going on for an extended periods the answer is simple - you both need to go back to the basics.  But this simple answer can be easier said than done when you try to implement it.  The reality is, you have both probably become complacent and your daily schedule needs to be refined - and you need to stick with it.  We don't call this bootcamp for no reason.

​That is where we come in.  With our Housetraining Bootcamp we will work with both you and your dog to get you back on track. 

How does it work?

  • ​Housetraining Bootcamp is a 30 day commitment.
  • ​During our initial meeting we will create a daily schedule.
  • ​This schedule must be followed to minimize, and ultimately eliminate, housetraining issues.
  • I will visit with your dog every weekday.  This will allow me to get to know them and their schedule.
  • ​We will talk at least 3 times a week to discuss progress and troubleshoot any housetraining failures.

Housetraining Bootcamp is $1000 (prepaid weekly) for the 30 day program.




Housetraining Bootcamp

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