​​Elyse Noland, Professional Dog Trainer, RVT

  • 6+ years professional dog training experience
  • Former Owner, Lead Trainer Canine Companion Coach​
  • Registered Veterinarian Technician
  • Member of KC Duck Rescue



​​Mary Zuchowski, Dog Trainer Intern

  • 10+ years kennel manager experience
  • Certified Veterinary Assistant 

​​Sharon Woodrum, Owner, Professional Dog Trainer

  • 17+ years professional dog training experience
  • APDT  Member
  • CGC Evaluator
  • CGC STAR Puppy Instructor
  • Program Director Pets for Life, a Pet Therapy Certification Organization
  • Creator/presentor Dog 101 What is that Dog Saying series - a dog safety program for In Home Nurses, Realtors, and any other profession whose employees come into contact with other people's dogs.​
  • Founding Member Olives Hope Pet Rescue


Personable Pets Dog Training was established for one reason - to help families live with their canine family member.  That is why all our classes, curriculums, and training plans are centered around the dog AND their family.  We understand that training is a team sport - and the family is a critical part of our team. 

Since we focus on the Family Dog, we train for real life.  Not only do we introduce skills that are applicable in real life, we take the time to make sure that families understand how to use the cues to communicate with and manage their dog through out the day.  Our  ultimate goal is not to impress you with our ability to train, although, we will. Our goal is to impress you with your ability to train.