Pet Therapy 2


Pet Therapy 2

$150 for 4 week class
Starts 7:00 PM Tuesday, February 26.

Tails R Waggin Daycare

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Pet Therapy 2

Are you and your dog a certified Pet Therapy team?  Congratulations.  We know it takes a lot of work to earn the certification.  Not certified yet but want to continue the training? This class is open to anyone that has completed a pet therapy class.  If you want to continue to hone your pet therapy skills, we want to help!

We know that it is not uncommon, after your 1st visit, to realize you still have plenty to learn to make your therapy visits even better.  Maybe a little less stressful for you and your dog.

Let us help you.  We understand, first hand, the complexities of an actual therapy visit.  Trying to direct your dog into petting position in a crowded common room.  Having your dog Wait at doorways so you can make sure the coast is clear.  Navigating a busy hallway with residents that don't want to interact with your dog.

We get it.  There is a level of complexity to pet therapy work that only certified pet therapy teams understand.

Our Pet Therapy 2 class is designed specifically for certified pet therapy teams.  It is also a great refresher course for those teams that are nearing their recertification evaluation.

During class you will learn strategies to navigate crowded areas, to get your dog to leave high value distractions,  and to direct your dog into proper petting position.  Not to mention, you and your dog will receive plenty of Stay, Wait and Walking Practice.

So what are you waiting for?  As always, classes are limited to 6 handler/dog teams.