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Early socialization is critical for the development of young puppies.  The more you can expose your puppy to, the less likely they will be fearful adults.  The less fearful an adult dog is the more likely they will enjoy interacting with new people and new dogs and the more likely they will enjoy exploring new places and new situations with you and your family.

Too often though, we think socialization is just meeting new people and new dogs.  Socialization is so much more than that.  Socialization also includes new places and new experiences.  That is where Puppy Adventures comes in.  During this unique 4 week adventure, your puppy will not only meet new people and new dogs, but they will also be exposed to new situations, new sights and new sounds. 

Week 1 - What's that?.  The basics of socialization, and exposure to uncommon objects including wheelchairs, walkers, balloons...
Week 2 - Up, over, and through.  Your puppy will navigate a puppy sized obstacle course.
Week 3 - Walk this way.  Your puppy will be introduced to new surfaces including the ball pit and wading pool.
Week 4 – Sights and Sounds.  Your puppy will be exposed to uncommon sounds like alarms and thunderstorms, and to uncommon sights such as people in hats, uniforms, and helmets.

We know that socialization may sound trivial - but it's not.  Socializing today minimizes the chance of having a fearful adult dog.  Sign up today and get the adventure started!​


  • Class size is limited to 5 dog/handler pairs
  • Puppies should be on regular leashes with regular collars or harnesses. No Flexi leads
  • Bring treats and a chew toy to entertain your puppy during down times
  • Proof of vaccination required, including Bordatella. (at least 2nd round of shots)
  • Please gain verbal approval from your veterinarian before registering for class
  • For safety purposes, do NOT allow your puppy to approach dogs you may encounter before or after class

Don't have time to train?  Let us do it for you.  Click here to check out our Walk and Train Program

puppy Adventures

For puppies 8 - 24 weeks old   $150
Starts Saturday, September 14, 9:00 am
Four week class. Limited to 5 Dog/handler teams  

14026 W 135th Street, Olathe, KS, 66062
 ​(Map Below)