Socialization 101

Why Socialization 101?

Living with an anxious or scared dog can be hard.  

Whether they are barking at your guests, exploding when other dogs get to close, or hiding behind you when things get to be too much.  Living with an anxious dog is as hard for you as it is for them.  

The solution for anxious and scared dogs is usually socialization.  A lot of socialization.  Controlled socialization.  Going to new places, meeting new people, and being around new dogs.  But exposure to new people, places and things is not enough.  Your dog has to enjoy the interactions. He has to learn he is safe and he has to learn that good things can happen in these situations.

That is where we come in.  Between your family and work commitments, finding time to socialize your dog can be challenging.  We will start the socialization process for you.  We will use walks and field trips to start desensitizing and counterconditioning your dog to his emotional triggers. As we get to know your dog, we will be able to give you detailed suggestions for your own socialization outings.  

Socialization 101 is an intensive 4 week program with 8 socialization outings with a Personable Pets trainer and your dog and 2 in home private sessions with you and your dog. We will finalize the socialization schedule before the 1st visit but we must have access to your dog 2 times a week, whether or not your are home.  The in home private sessions are mandatory since you will be required to continue social outings through out the week.

Socialization 101 is $650.

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