Urban Agility

 For Dogs 16 weeks and over $180 ($20 discount for existing clients)​

Starts Saturday, February 29, 12:00 pm
Four classes.  Limited to 5 Dog/handler teams  

14026 W 135th Street, Olathe, KS, 66062  ​(Map Below)

Urban Agility, also called Dog Parkour, is one of the fastest growing dog sports around and what's better than training and playing with your dog at the same time? This is truly a team sport.

Your dog is offered all sorts of fun challenges, like obstacles to go around, over, and even under. There are balance challenges and mazes. What part does the human play in all this? While the pup is busy having fun and trying to figure things out, the human is looking ahead, watching their dog's reaction, and "spotting." In other words, it's the human's job to keep the dog happy and safe.

Working together builds teamwork, trust, and confidence. You'll be amazed at what your dog can do, and your dog will learn to trust you even more and look to you for guidance.  Once you learn the basics of Parkour and methods for keeping your dog safe, you'll find all sorts of fun challenges on your walks, in the backyard, and at the park.  Your dog can gain confidence, stay fit, and have fun. There's no "competition" in Parkour, unless you decide you are a pretty darn good team. Then you can start submitting videos to the International Dog Parkour Association and even earn some titles.  But the best part of the sport is spending good times together and making your dog's life even better. Come and learn some Urban Agility with us!

Urban Agility 1 Skills 

  • 4 feet On
  • 2 Feet On
  • Moving Obstacle
  • Under
  • Wait on Obstacle
  • Around
  • In

Urban Agility 2 Skills

  • Over
  • Around
  • Balance
  • Tic Tac
  • Gap Jump
  • Back Up​

Click here to view class videos

​Please note:  Group classes can often be overwhelming to aggressive or reactive dogs.  If your dog is extremely fearful or has shown aggressive behavior around other dogs or humans, please contact us to discuss your situation before you register for class.